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The Zonta Accessible Playground has attracted interest and recognition locally and internationally, for its visionary approach to integrated play spaces.

But most meaningful of all, was a note received from a parent:

“I just wanted to say thank you for building such a wonderful place for children alike to play no matter how able-bodied they are. We actually live in Etobicoke but have nothing like this for my 6 year old to use. I have sat on a bench at our local park and watched helplessly as she sits in her chair watching other children swing, slide, dig and play.

We are moving again in August to a neighborhood which also doesn't have an accessible area to play. Yet even though it will take us over 30 minutes to drive to ZAP.... we will try and do it once a week as it has become a place where my daughter's dream of being able to play has been granted. I only wish that we had more of these wonderful places.

Thank you to you and all your organization members for being earthly angels and recognizing that all children have the right to play.”

Suzanne L.

A “Regional Honor Award” by the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects in 2003 recognized the Zonta Accessible Playground.

Presentations titled “Zonta Accessible Playground: Shifting Paradigms toward Inclusiveness” were made at the World Congress of Occupational Therapists in Stockholm, Sweden in 2002, and at the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists in 2004.

Diana Henry, renowned occupational therapist and specialist in sensory integration, visited ZAP in 2003. She commented, “You must feel very proud of what you have provided for the community. It is truly a 'sensory safe space' for the children and their caretakers.”

ZAP is a featured case study in the Ontario Parks Association “Playability Toolkit”, an excellent resource for those with an interest in developing integrated play spaces.

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